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Intensive Cooling

Beyond Maxwell-Garnett Model - Analytical modeling for heat transfer in sheared flows of nanofluid:

APS - Physical Review E

(C. Ferrari et al., publ. 5 July 2012)

The new proposed model is strongly supported by numerical simulations showing a potential increase of the heat flux far beyond the Maxwell-Garnett limit for  spherical particles.

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From new materials


Innovative Structurs

Nanotechnology is shaping up to be the next disruptive technology that changes the future in ways that

cannot be imagined fully. From new materials to innovative structures, nanotechnology is spawning new devices and applications that will revolutionize existing technologies and create new ones.

Lycurgus Cup

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Disruptive technologies


European Space Missions

 Amongst the missions of interest : Heavy robotic missions to outer planets; Asteroid deflection missions; Interplanetary manned mission (at longer term). These missions involve high speed increments, generally beyond the capability of chemical propulsion (except if gravitational swing-by can be used).

To Mars

Future of Computing


in the Cyberspace

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Cloud computing has been called


true future of computing

"a phenomenon that currently has as many definitions as there are squares on a chess-board". Integrating traditional IT services into cloud computing is one of the challenges. Two predecessor elements that eventually coalesced into cloud were online data storage-opposed to backup services-and applications that run online rather on user's computer.

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